Table of Contents
Book of Dice libro delos dados

 Introduction; how dice should be made
F65R: Alphonse dictates the Book of Dice in front of advisers

Two Games: High Rolls & of As Many On One As On Two
F65V: Dice are being made

 The Game Triga

The Game of Triga Continued
F66V: Text only page

 The game "Hazard"

The game "Marlota"

The game "Riffa"

The game "Pair & Ace"

The Game "Panquist"

The Game "Panquist" continued
F69V: Text only page

 The game "Half Hazard"

The game " Raised Hazard"

The game "Guirguiesca"

The game " "

Book of Tables (Backgammon) libro delas tablas

F72R:Alphonse dictates the Book of Tables

Book of tables
F72V: Text only Pages

 The board & pieces
F73R: A board being made and the pieces being turned

The game " "

The game " "

 The game " "

The game " "

The game seys, dos e as
F75V: 2 women playing at tables

 The game emperador
F76R: 2 crowned kings playing at tables

The game " "

The game " "

The game " "

The game " "

The game " "

F79R: Blank page

 F79V: Blank page

 The Game " "

F80V: Blank page

Book of Large Games

Great Game of Chess
F81R: Text only page

Great Game of Chess continued
F81V: Text only page

 Great Game of Chess continued
F82R: Text only page

The Great Chess - el grant a*edrex
F82V: Two men at Great Chess

 Eight-sided dice and how they are made
-Used for the "Great Chess"
-los dados deste acedrex de las diez casas
F83R: Text only page

Illustration with eight-sided Dice

How the dice for Decimal chess are made
F84R: Text only page

Two men dicing with two kinds of 7-sided dice

Game of Tables (Bacgammon) how it is played with
seven-sided dice
F85R: Text only page

Tables (Backgammon) with 7-sided dice
F85V: Two men playing

 F86R: Blank page

 F86V: Blank page

Book of Four-Player Games

 Four-Seasons Chess
The humours of the seasons
F87R: Text only page

Four Seasons Chess Continued
How the board is made and arranged
F87V: Text only page

 Four Seasons Chess Continued
F88R: Text only page

The chess of the four seasons
a*edrex de los quatro tiempos dell anno
F88V: Four men playing this chess

 ATables of the Four Seasons
El Mundo "The World
F89R: Text only page

Tables-game of the Four Seasons
Four men playing at "the World" 4-player Backgammon

 F90R: Blank page

 F90V: Blank page

Book of Morris, Mill, or Merels

 12 Manís Morris
F91R: Text only page

Alquerque alquerque de doze
F91V: Four men playing at alquerque

 Chasing the Hare cercar la liebre
F92R: Two men playing this game

 Nine-men's morris with dice alquerque de nueve con dados
F92V: * Four men at play

Nine-men's morris without dice - alquerque de nueve sin dados
F93R: Two men at play

Three-in-a-row alquerque de tres

F94R: Blank page

 F94V: Blank page

Book of Astrological Games

 The Board for Checkers & Tables that are played by astrology
F95R: Text only page

Astrological Checkers & Tables Continued
F95V: Text only page

 Astrological Checkers & Tables Continued
F96R: Text only page

Los Escaques Called "Zodiac" insome modern books
F96V: Seven men playing this game

 The Board for  Tables that are played by astrology
l tablero delas tablas, que se iuega por astronomia
F97R: Text only page

Illustration of the "astronomical tables"
Seven men including the king playing 7-player Backgammon