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How dice should be made F65R
Alphonse discusses the subject with wisemen.

"We want here to tell about the games of dice for two reasons. First, because of the debate
between the wise men, as We showed at the beginning of the book, that was to decide if knowledge or
luck was better. And on this matter, each one gave the king his proof; the first for knowledge, by the
games of chess; the second for luck, by the dice. The second reason is that since although tables are
more important and popular than dice, they cannot be played without them, it is fitting that We speak of
them first.

We say that dice should be three squared shapes of six equal sides, all equal in size and shape because
otherwise they will not roll as often on one side as another and that would be trickery more than luck.
Thus this is one of the ways of cheating, as We will later tell, in which those who wish to cheat make
loaded dice."