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Nine-men's morris without dice - alquerque de nueve sin dados
F93R: Two men at play

The - very familiar - game illustrated is called in English morris, merels, or the mill game. Alphonse however called this game (alquerque del nueve) and the alquerque proper both ãalquerqueä.

As far as the rules are explained in the text they seem to be the same as today: In contrary to the game described on the preciding page, this version of morris was not played with dice, but with "intention" [consideration] (sin dados a entendimiento).

Alternatively each player enters one men until all nine are entered. Then the game continues by moving one men at at time to an adjacent point along any line. Every time that a player achieves to form a row of three of his men (fazer ferido) he is allowed to remove any of his opponentâs men that is not part of a row itself.

The shape of the morris-men are like our halma-pieces of today.