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Great Game of Chess (Played on a 12 x 12 board
F81R: Text only page

"The game of Great Chess that was made in India after the manner of how the Old Kings used to make their armies of knights and pawns and stand them in ranks to show their power and so that their enemies would fear them."

The game used eight kinds of pieces: King, Aanca (The mythical bird the Rok), Crocodile, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Lion, Rook, Pawns.

King: "can jump to the third orthogonal or diagonal square like a Queen [on his/her first move] or to the first orthogonal or
diagonal square, he captures, is shielded and is safe from check unless there is another piece in between."

Aanca (The mythical bird the Rok), Its jumping movement is such that if it is on a black square, it will go to the next black diagonal square like a Queen and then as much as it likes in a straight line. Likewise if it is on white. If it is on black then it cannot go to the four white squares surrounding it. Likewise if it is (starts) on white. it cannot move to the four surrounding black squares.