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Table of Contents
Introduction through Chess Problem #

F1R: Alphonse dictating the book

F1V: The book being written by three monks

The invention of chess, dice and tables(Backgammon)
F2R: 3 sages appear before the Persian king.

Sages bringing Chess and a pair of dice games to a Persian king

The chess-board and pieces being made

The moves of the pieces
F3V: Text-only page

The relative value of the pieces at chess
F4R: Text-only page.

Text only page

The "game of girls" (iuego de donzellas)
F5R: This game is being played by six girls

The chess problems (iuegos departidos)
F5V:Text-only page

The Chess Problems #1 (f. 6 r.) through #15 (f. 15 v.)

Chess Problem #1
F6R: Two men

Chess Problem #2
F6V: Two men

Chess Problem #3
F7R: Two men and a servant

Chess Problems
F7V: Text only page

Chess Problem #4
F8R: Two women & Two men

Chess Problem #5
F8V: Two men

Chess Problem #6
F9R: Three men and a servant one man playing harp

Chess Problems
F9V: Text only page

Chess Problem #7
F10R: Two Arabs at play

Chess Problem #8
F10V: Two men and a servant

Chess Problems
F11R:Text only page

Chess Problem #9
F11V: Four men, two with bows

Chess Problem #10
F12R: Two "Arabs"

Chess Problem #11.
F12V: Two men outside a house with a servant

Chess Problems.
F13R: Text only page

Chess Problems #12
F13V:Two men

Chess Problem #13
F14R: Three Arabs consulting a manuscript

Chess Problem #14
F14V: Four men and a servant

Chess Problem #15
F15R:Two noblemen instructing two boys and two servants

Chess Problems.
F15V:Text only page