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 Four Seasons Chess Continued
 F88R: Text only page
"The player with the green pieces is to play first and he should move towards his right, towards the other player who has the red pieces. This is like Spring moving towards Summer. He who has the red pieces should also play towards the other player who has the white pieces at the same time defending himself from green. The one with the black pieces is to play also towards his right, against the player who has the white [9] guarding always from attack from the player with the red pieces. He who has the white pieces should do the same, guarding against attack from black. [Fol. 88r] After [the first move] each player may move according to his will.

And thus in playing these four players take from one another like the seasons of the year which also take from one
Each of these four players should make an opening wager. Thereafter for each piece that a player loses he should pay an
amount as well as for each check given to a King. When a player is checkmated he pays the victor an amount for as
many pieces as he has on the board and then removes his pieces. Of the three players that remain thereafter, the first to
be defeated leaves on the board as much as he has won and an amount for each of his pieces that remain when he is
checkmated. Of the two remaining players, the one who wins takes all the money on the board plus the loser gives him
an amount for each of his remaining pieces. This is what the board and pieces look like as well as their arrangement,
painted here."