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Great Game of Chess, continued (text only page)
The pieces and their moves

Crocodile: It moves diagonally to either the first square or as far as it likes [like the modern Bishop]. If it begins on a blacks square, it plays only on black and cannot enter a white square. The one on a white square cannot play on black.

Giraffe: Before it begins to run it gives a sideways jump and so does its piece in this chess. It moves to the fourth square to its side [counting the starting square] so that when it moves from a white square it goes to black and when it leaves a black square it goes to white. The other Giraffe on the other side moves the same.

Rhinoceros: "First it moves like a Knight and then diagonally like a Crocodile as far as it wants or until it captures. It can never move backwards, only always forwards."

Lion: A "very strong beast that jumps a lot backwards or forwards, more than any other beast when it wants to capture something. And so its piece jumps to the fourth square ahead or the second behind."

Rook: is like the ranks of soldiers and it plays like the Rook in the other chess

Pawns: "play as We described before. When a pawn is promoted in this chess it then moves like the piece in whose square it was promoted. If it is promoted in the Kingís square, it becomes another Aanca. Pawns are set up on the fourth row.